What are progressive glasses?
Progressive glasses are recommended for those who have presbyopia, those who have a second glasses, who want to remove their nearby glasses and see close and far in one point.

As the correction difference  increases every year, necessary to see the near and far, you may need to use two points to see the near and far. Some people even use 3-4 glasses (for computer, for reading, driving, etc.). In such cases, the most effective way to solve this problem is to use progressive glasses. As a rule, progressive glasses have several advantages over ordinary glasses.

With progressive glasses, you can comfortably carry out all the work that you did with a few points earlier . You no longer need separate glasses to drive a car, read a book and use a computer.

Custom order for progressive glass

As your optician, we guarantee that we will make progressive glasses as quickly and accurately as possible. One of the main advantages of developing personalized progressive glasses is the ability to order with any design (spherical, aspherical) and any material (organic, mineral, polycarbonate) depending on your desire. We comply with all quality standards and work with manufacturers from Turkey (Opak Lens), from Poland (Jzo Optimix), from Italy (LTL) and from France (Essilor). The certificate  is issued with glasses in the name of the person who ordered it.




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