Discover Progressive + Photochrom !
Imagine,  in sunny weather,  optical sunglasses at farther and closer distances, ordinary optical glasses in indoor conditions, an anti-computer mid-  range , protection from harmful phone rays at close range, while driving at night, improve visibility and comfort in rainy and foggy weather . 

Is it possible?

Of course! Thanks to technology, there is no need to use a few glasses for eye comfort. Instead of 5 points with  one point,  you will improve your comfort and vision. Those who use astigmatic glasses can order  progressive photochrome individually  .

Custom order for progressive lenses

As your optician, we guarantee that we will make progressive lenses as quickly and accurately as possible. One of the main advantages of developing personalized progressive lenses is the ability to order with any design (spherical, aspherical) and any material (organics, mineral, polycarbonate) depending on your desire. We comply with all quality standards and work with manufacturers from Turkey (Opak Lens), from Poland (Jzo Optimix), from Italy (LTL) and from France (Essilor). The certificate  is issued with lenses in the name of the person who ordered it.


Progressive + Photochrome

Optimix Sky 1.56 HMC Progressive Photochromic Grey


Optimix Sky 1.56 HMC Progressive Photochromic Grey

180 ⋔

Index1.56Raw materialsAcrylateSph / AspSphThinning rate33%Сonduction %95-25UV protection410HMCYesAR CoveringHMCAR ColorGreenEMIUltra..

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