New generation polymer glass, anti-reflex, anti-static, hydrophobic coating with multi-layer hardening.


  - The lenses has a double layer on both sides

  - Anti-reflex coating, hardening coating

  - 100% UV protection

  - Anti-static hardening coating against loss of moisture, dust and scratches

  - Maximum comfort and eye protection throughout the day

  - Recommended for drivers

Polish lenses JZO

Jzo Izoplast AR 1.50 Hydrophobic


Jzo Izoplast AR 1.50 Hydrophobic

120 ⋔

Index1.50Raw materialsPolimerSph / AspSphThinning rate30%Сonduction %99UV protection400HMCYesAR CoveringHidroAR ColorGreenEMIYes..

Jzo Izoplast Transitions XTRActive Mirror AR 1.50
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