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Omega Optix (Czech Republic) is a large European manufacturer of optical lenses. The company produces spectacle lenses with a wide range of optical properties, using innovative materials and special coatings. The range of lenses is very wide: from standard monofocal lenses to individual, sports and other types. Omega Optix has been in the European market for over 25 years. The lens laboratory was the first in Europe to introduce a new environmentally friendly technology based on the use of UV gel in production. The production workshops of the company are located in the Czech Republic.

Czech lenses Omega Optix

Omega Optix 1.50 Oasis

Omega Optix

Omega Optix 1.50 Oasis

150 ⋔

Index1.50Raw materialsPolimerSph / AspSphThinning rate30%Сonduction %99UV protection400HMCYesAR CoveringHidroAR ColorGreenEMIYes..

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