What is a blue block?
Too much blue light increases eye fatigue, insomnia and cataract development.  Blue block lenses protects our eyes by reducing blue light (HEV).  The sources of blue light are televisions, telephones, computers and tablets.  This lenses is indispensable for those who spend most of their time in front of a computer.  Recommended for drivers traveling at night.

The importance of preventing HEV light

The importance of avoiding shorter wavelengths up to 420 nm for long-term eye health:

Short waves with a length of 400-420 nm are more harmful for young people under the age of 20 who play outdoors because their eyelids are very transparent.

In standard laboratory tests, Professor Funk proved that retinal neural cells exposed to short wavelengths of 411 nm are more likely to die from severe stress than those exposed to 470 nm.

Nevertheless, HEV 400-420 nm light is very useful because it can stimulate harmful processes for the eyes.

Professor  Richard H.V. Funk   Dresden Carl Gustav Carus Technical University.