What are the benefits of anti-reflective coating?
In nature, there are harmful rays that are invisible to our eyes. Harmful light sources are ultraviolet radiation (B) from the sun and blue ultraviolet radiation (A) from the phone, tablet, TV and computer that we use. To protect our eyes from these light sources, we must take advantage of the technology that gives us and use anti-reflective lenses.

Recent studies have shown that the prevention of ultraviolet radiation is critical to protecting the eyes from cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD); AMD is a medical condition in which retinal degeneration depends on age.

Benefits of anti-reflective glasses
Choosing the right glasses is very important for your vision, glasses without a protective coating are not the right choice. Recommended for users of all ages, anti-glare lenses provide the following benefits:
Anti-reflection glasses from car headlights and street lamps while driving provides safer and more comfortable driving.

Glasses with anti-reflective are so transparent and clean it seems that there is no glass in your glasses. The people around you see your eyes, not your glasses.


Glasses with anti-reflective reduce rays from the computer screen and bright sunlight, reduce headache and eye fatigue.